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While operating in the legal services market, our Office Representatives noticed the insufficient legal protection of business activity. Negligence in that field can lead to financial loss.

We would like to draw your attention to the following issues:

Optimization of the legal form of business activity with particular reference to tax incidence and entrepreneur’s financial liability.

There are different forms of business activity such as running an individual registered business or shareholding. Legal representation of many entities helps to realize that the form of activity does not always correspond with its scale and scope of operation.

Change of legal form of business activity can be made in order to optimize tax incidence and secure entrepreneur’s personal financial interest. Such policy allows for tax incidence reduction and maximum security of entrepreneur’s personal assets.

Filing a claim against the Limited Liability Company board members, in case of company’s bankruptcy.

We often do not realize that debts unpaid by the LLC may be a subject to collection. The Commercial Companies Code, which determines liability of Board Members up to their contribution in the company, gives us such opportunity in case the practices of debt collection have been ineffective. It requires filing a claim against the LLC Board Member which allows to enforce the fulfillment of his financial obligations.

Obviously, all cases require thorough analysis.

We offer foreign investment support and handling in Russia, as well as legal support services for the visible import from China.